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FOG Gyrocompass
eFins 700 Inertial Sensors 

eFins 700 is a fiber optic gyros AHRS Gyrocompass with GNSS/INS navigator solution.

Key Features

•    Quickly and accurately determine the initial heading and attitude
•    Real-time heading and attitude output
•    Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG) with GNSS receiver
•    Support dynamic fast alignment
•    INS/GNSS combined integrated design, supporting IE post-processing
•    Enhanced Kalman filter algorithm
•    Anti-electromagnetic interference and vibration
•    Multiple sensor interfaces such as GNSS, Odometer, DVL and Barometric altimeter
•    Unique strap-down technology
•    Built-in Watchdog and BIT
•    Mil spec standard
•    Not subject to ITAR regulations or US export controlled content

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