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MIOC 404



Comtech MIOC 404 LiNbO3 multi-function integrated optical chip (MIOC) are manufactured by micro-electronics technology, which can get different waveguide and electrode graph on the surface of MIOC chip. There are several cells integrated on the same chip, include polarizer, splitter /combiner, phase modulator, etc. The characteristic of this device is fast responding, small packaging, lightweight and anti-disturbance of electromagnet, etc.

Applications- Fiber optic gyroscopes (FOG) - Hydrophone and other optic sensitive fields

Key Features
  • High stability, accuracy and resolution

  • Excellent turn-on repeatability and stability performance

  • Environmentally rugged

  • Analog output

  • Field-adjustable range

  • Internal temperature sensor for thermal compensation

  • Three fastener precision mounting flange

  • Dual self-test

  • Using laser watertight, airtight package

  • Does not require export licenses

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