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CMX-400 Series

Inertial measurement unit

The CMX-400M is a high-reliability low power strap-down inertial system providing accurate measurement of angular rate and linear acceleration in dynamic environments, with output data also available in delta theta and delta velocity format. The CMX-400M is offered in standard and high range sensor configurations to allow the best match for the user's application.

The CMX-400M includes Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) gyros and accelerometers with high-speed DSP electronics to provide a fully calibrated dynamic measurement system in a small and rugged environmentally-sealed enclosure. The CMX-400M provides consistent performance in challenging operating environments and is user ideal for a wide variety of applications.

  • Gyro Operating Range: ± 400 deg /s

  • Gyro bias InRun stability (1 ∂): ≤ 0.6 deg/h  (RMS, Allan Variance 25℃)

  • Gyro bias Instability (1 ∂): ≤ 0.5 deg/h  (RMS, Allan Variance 25℃)

  • Gyro bias Repeatability(1 ∂): ≤ 10 deg/hr RMS

  • Gyro Angular Random Walk(1 ∂): ≤ 0.15 deg/h

  • Acc Operating Range: ± 50g

  • Acc bias Instability (1 ∂): ≤ 0.5 mg  (RMS, Allan Variance 25℃)

  • Acc bias Repeatability(1 ∂): ≤ 3 mg

  • Acc Angular Random Walk(1 ∂): ≤ 0.03 m/s/hr

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