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AM series

Hight Quartz Accelerometer


Comtech SyS produces the AM Series (AM-xxx-xx) It is the predominant sensor used in a variety of industrial and military aircraft strap-down inertial navigation systems and laboratory applications. Are for the most cost-effective inertial-navigation standard by which others are measured grade solution.


The AM Series an amorphous quartz proof-mass structure provides excellent bias, scale factor, and axis alignment stability. the AM Series also includes a current-output, internal temperature sensor. By applying temperature-compensating algorithms, scale factor, bias, and axis misalignment performance are dramatically improved. The AM Series can be supplied with integrated Bias and Scale Factor temperature test report upon customer request.

Key Features
  • High stability, accuracy and resolution

  • Excellent turn-on repeatability and stability performance

  • Environmentally rugged

  • Analog output

  • Field-adjustable range

  • Internal temperature sensor for thermal compensation

  • Three fastener precision mounting flange

  • Dual self-test

  • Using laser watertight, airtight package

  • Does not require export licenses

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